WAM has had the privilege of working with volunteers and volunteer organizations in the region and internationally. Our local community members donate their time with us helping in countless ways from teaching paddling to the young teams, helping with canoe races and other cultural events, volunteering to teach ESL and math, assisting us with our program development, offering advice and vision with training procedure, supporting WAM builders while participating in international events, the list goes on…

We thank Twyla Barton, The Ambidji Group Pty Ltd., David Miles, the Wharton International Volunteer Program, Jonathan Ojany, Brian Lam and Debbie Lau, Lester and Della Nakamoto, Colleen Taylor, Raewyn Fraser, Calysta Watson, Vincent Ng, Helen Lin, Jason Kisa, Molly Foti, Mary Lerpes, Bill Henderson, Marylou Foley, Gaylord Wilcox, Michael Tong, Darlene Keju, Giff Johnson, Ineke Alesi, Colleen Waskiewicz, Youth to Youth In Health, World Teach, RMI Port Authority, Chamber of Commerce.

Current volunteer opportunity

WAM is currently open for volunteers to assist with the following projects: Close

Grant Research and/or Writing:
Find funding sources, coordinate with WAM Administration to come up with budgets and write a proposal. WAM Administration will serve as advisor, and edit final draft of each proposal.

ESL Curriculum Development:
Develop a curriculum for conversational English used in the following settings:

  • Schoolchildren visiting on field trips
  • Tourists booking canoe-tours.

The goal of this curriculum is that trainees and trainers will be conversant enough in English to impart a basic knowledge of the canoe parts and significance to casual observers. Weekly ESL training has been provided by volunteers from the US Embassy, Majuro, World Teach and the Dartmouth Program.

Carpenter Trainer:
WAM has developed training materials in woodworking and carpentry and are interested in bringing in volunteers to assist in training these skills in a hands-on atmosphere

Cabinet and Furniture Making Trainers:
WAM has developed training materials in cabinet making and furniture making and are interested in bringing in volunteers to assist in training these skills in a hands-on atmosphere

Life Skills Curriculum Development:
Develop a series of one-hour sessions that can be delivered bi-weekly in a group-session of 5-20 people addressing any of these issues:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Family violence
  • Suicide
  • Family planning
  • Communication skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Money management
  • Time management

Marketing Materials:
Developing collateral for marketing WAM such as T-shirts, hats, full-color brochures post card collections and other ideas.

Amateur Canoe Paddling Club Organization:
UNICEF, Aus Aid and other Pacific-based canoe paddling organizations have expressed a serious interest in organizing an amateur paddling team or teams to represent the RMI in region-wide events. WAM is looking for an outgoing, self-motivated individual to follow up with these contacts, coordinate local participants, and write up the funding proposals needed to get this water-based sport going in the RMI at a serious, amateur level. WAM will provide consultation and guidance on this initiative.