While WAM’s canoe building and boatbuilding courses are open to both males and females, traditional Marshallese culture designates these skills as within the male domain. Because of this, we always have many more boys that enroll in our courses than girls. To help combat this gender bias, as well as draw more females into vocational training and eventually the modern workforce, WAM began our Administrative Training program. The Administrative Training Pilot Program ran from 2002 – 2004 and was designed to build capacity in youth, especially young women headed for administrative positions in the Marshall Islands. Working with a college-bound trainee laid a foundation for a formal 900-hour training curriculum to be developed.

The training is conducted in a real-life, office environment and introduces the youth involved to standardized office procedures and principles of administration including Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures, organizational concepts and efficiency awareness. Funding is currently being sought to develop the curricula for a full-fledged Administrative Training Program.

Administrative Trainer/Program Administrator Rachel Miller shows trainee Tatiana Zackious how to create a computer document.