Local Support

Since the program began, WAM has been fortunate to have so many local supporters throughout the years – from giving us the land to build the training center, to donating food and supplies for documentation and training, to housing us in the outer islands, to donating transportation and shipping, and the list goes on. It would be difficult to name every person who has supported WAM, as most of the Marshallese people and communities, as well as many others living out of the Marshall Islands have supported us in one way or another.

Late President and Iroijlaplap Amata Kabua and family; Leroij Atama Zedkiah and Iroijlaplap Jorelang Zedkiah and Family; Iroijlaplap Imata Kabua; Iroijlaplap Anjua Loeak and the Loeak family; Iroij Michael Kabua; Leroij Seagull Kabua; Iroij and Mayor Riley Alberttar and the Alberttar family; Iroij Kotak Loeak; Alap Rebecca Mwejenwa and family; Alap Newi Nathan; RMI President Kessai Note and the current and past RMI Cabinet and Nitijela and all RMI Ministries; Minister Wilfred I. Kendall and the RMI Ministry of Education; Alele Museum and National Archives, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Historic Preservation Office; Ministry Of Health; RMI Ministry of Public Works; Ministry of Transportation and Communication (T&C); RMI National Training Council (NTC); Marshall Islands Visitor Authority (MIVA); the RMI Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); MIMRA Fisheries and Nautical Training Center (FNTC); National Vocational Technical Institute (NVTI); Majuro Atoll Local Government; Bikini Atoll Local Government; Rongelap Atoll Local Government; Ailuk Atoll Local Government; Ejit Community; Bank of Guam; Bank of Hawaii; PII; Yokwe Yuk Women’s Club; WUTMI; Mission Pacific; College of the Marshall Islands and Upward Bound Program; Youth To Youth In Health; Marshall Energy Company (MEC); U&I Trucking; Mobil Oil Micronesia; Marshall Islands Resort; Robert Reimers Enterprise and family; Dennis and Daisy Momotaro and the Momotaro Corporation and family; Tony deBrum and the deBrum Family; Oscar deBrum; Leonard deBrum; Carmen Bigler; Minister Brenson S. Wase; Lukunor Abner; Alfred Capelle; MaryLou Foley; Reverend Enja Enos; Father Richard McCaliff; Senator Maynard Alfred; Jorelik Tibon; Charles Benkim; Jimmy Kemem; Clarence Samuel; Ruben Ebon; and the countless other organizations and individuals without whom WAM could not exist.

U.S. Federal Support

WAM has been supported over the years with funds and technical assistance from various agencies in the form of funding support for vocational training, materials for canoe building, production of our educational DVD “Canoes of the Marshall Islands”, technical assistance for curriculum development projects, providing administrative training support, capacity building in counseling support, documentation of traditional canoes, and the list goes on.

For this and other projects we thank: U.S. Department of Labor Workforce Investment Act (WIA); Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL); U.S. Dept. of the Interior Pacific Islands Anti-Substance Abuse Resistance Education Program (PIRAAP); U.S. Dept. of Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant through the RMI Office of the State Single Agency (SAPT); US Department of Interior; Insular Affairs; University of Hawai’i Sea Grant; US Embassy, Majuro.

International Support

Many international donors have shown continued support for the program throughout the years in ways such as purchasing materials and installing all the electricity at canoe house and office; donating materials and supplies to refit and renovate the Canoe House roof; providing computers and software, printers, phone, fax and Xerox machines for the program office; funding composting toilets, gutter system, water catchment, sinks, showers and a grey water composting system for the Canoe House; sponsoring a series of visits to other Pacific islands to scope potential markets for fiberglass and other products produced by WAM; providing a sawmill and chainsaws for cutting the logs used in the training; funding the development of curriculum materials including trainer’s manuals for the canoe-based training and website development; supporting the program with different projects in training while building the canoe house and WAM offices; funding various international events such as the Makali’i Voyage from Hawaii to Guam, and the New Zealand Millennial Dawn Ceremony.

These supporters are:
Australian Government (AusAid) Small Grants Scheme, Canadian Government (Canada Fund), Centre for Development of Enterprise (CDE, Brussels, Belgium), Government of Germany, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Sustainable Livelihoods Development Project (SLDP), New Zealand Aid Small Grants Scheme; United Nations Educational Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), Republic of China (Taiwan); Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission; Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort.

The navigation documentation is supported by the University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program, the University of Hawaii Space Grant College Program, the National Science Foundation, and the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, as well as by University of Hawaii oceanographers Mark Merrifield and Oliver Vetter, and Chris and Richard Barrie aboard Windswept.

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The Marshallese community always turns out in full force to support and encourage WAM at international festivals