WAM’s objective is for the program to act as a national resource, and to touch all Marshallese in some way. While the most intensive exposure is for youth undertaking the individual training programs, the WAM outreach program is aimed at multiplying this by also bringing the program to schools and the general community.

School Outreach Program

WAM seeks to impact the lives of thousands of Marshallese by bringing cultural understanding to school children and their families at all levels. WAM continues to reinforce its school outreach program through field trips to the canoe house as well as lecture tours to the schools. Each year WAM has over 1,000 students visit the canoe house.

Community Outreach Program

The involvement of family and friends in the program is a key ingredient in multiplying the benefits of involvement with WAM and reinforcing and sustaining the transformation achievable through the program.

WAM trainee Ejnar Aerok of Arno Atoll is giving a presentation to the students from the Delap Village HeadStart in Majuro Atoll.