We see carpentry and woodworking as very important training for the Marshallese youth, as the RMI Government has plans for significant infrastructure development over the next 18 years and the labor skills needed will include carpentry and woodworking skills. This training has been a part of the program ever since its beginning in 1999. Starting with the building of the canoe house, trainees have learned carpentry skills while constructing the more recent buildings of tropical naturally termite resistant hardwood that Dennis designed and had pre-fabricated in Indonesia and shipped to-site. We’ve also finished the design of the Phase-Three office extension which will be our woodworking shop with a mezzanine floor for our administrative offices. A wood cutting and lumber storage shop for stationary woodworking tools is also in the planning stage, which will also work as a training area in that medium. 

Four major projects have been completed so far including:

  1. 1999 establishment of the Majuro Canoe House
  2. 2000 building of the administrative office - first phase
  3. 2002 completion of second phase extension to WAM office and Bungalow apartment
  4. 2004 construction of a Community Youth Center in partnership with Youth-to-Youth-in-Health, another youth-based NGO/CBO operating in the urban center of Uliga, Majuro.
Other woodworking projects have been incorporated into the training, which was recently integrated with our Fiberglass Technology training into one 6-month advanced course. These projects include traditional Marshallese pounding implements and other tools, plaques and trophies made from local lukwej hardwood, wooden cutting boards, and tackle and cleats for boats.

Building the Youth to Youth in Health/Jodikdik Ñan Jodikdik ilo Ejmour Community Youth Center